Short Stories/Scripts

Peter Banks

Death-Ra and the Mustachioed Man

Christine Barker and Melody Simmons

Hard Line

Sarah Borsten

The Moon, Ever Watching

Charles William Boyes

The Distraction and Fascination of Stillness

The Meaning of Dada

Steve Davis


Dan Dorfsman

What I Wrote On a Train Moving Southward

P. S. Ehrlich

The House in the Trees

O Say Can You Skeet

Nick Ellis


Next of Kin

'69 Chevy

Blink of an Eye

Stranger Than Paradise


Ted Ellis

Return of the Welded Eye

Josh Farris

Raccoon Wars

Michael Gurnow

A Rich Man's Tale

Brittnee E. Henry


Alissa Johnson

Every Junkie is a Setting Sun

Kurt Kitasaki

Seventh Inning Stretch

The Nova

Abraham Makofsky

The Deer

Mary Matsumoto

The Toy in the Cereal Box

Lori McClain

A Room of Her Own

Good Things Are Always Happening To Me

M.R. Mulch


C. C. Parker

Dream Peril

Wes Prussing

Will Work For Food

Jerry Villhotti

An Old Born Baby

Dark Cold

Walking Alone



Unequally Yours

Sand Eyes

Simon "Dutch" Riley



Jane Schildkroete


Carl Schonbeck

First Place

Curt M. Revis Seubert

Meeting Minutes

David Shapiro


Chia Sihan


Growing Up

Charles Joseph Smith

Lydia Flores

The Hustle Lady

Dana and Valentino

It's Explanation Time

Ryan Swinford

The Lament of the Aged

Gregory Thompson

The Beast Man

Bryan Wolford

Shadow Man


David Cahill

TV is Bad

An Empty Mayonnaise Jar and Ben Affleck: A Correlation

Marraige vs. Dating! The Ultimate Cage Match!

Josh Greenberger

School Violence

Mitch Greene

The New Style

Rob Lafferty

The Hawaiian Nation


Zak Billmeier

Two Poems

John BirkBeck

Three Poems

Gwendolyn Bork




Ashley Cook

Three Poems

Adam Eckstein (of the Eliot Review)


J. Lena Evans

Six Poems

Josh Farris


Anne Fisher

Twilight Battle

Rush Hour

Jealous of Art

Joelle Francis

Three Poems

Phyllis Green

Two Poems

Bill Haas

Two Kings

Jasmine Reynolds

Tomorrow, Yesterday, and Today!

Summer Rogers

Three Poems

Jane Schildkroete

I Wish

Chia Sihan

Poem #1

Charles Joseph Smith

Fox Trot in Black

Poetry Chapbook no. 4

Four Poems

John Sweet

Five Poems

Another Five Poems

Doug Tanoury

Avon Poems

Five Poems

Eleven Poems

Scott Waters

How Much I Love You

September 11, 2001

Irving Wazier

How It Happens

J. Kevin Wolfe

Five Poems

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